About Us

  • Our Mission: Health Connect is an independent source of free health information for individuals, families, and communities.


  • Our Vision: We empower people to make health decisions by providing current, understandable information.

Who are we?

Health Connect, a consumer health library and health and safety information clearinghouse, provides individuals, families and communities with up-to-date information regarding various health and safety challenges, as well as, to help identify resources available on a local and national level. 


The resources offered are about the specific health or safety issue, referrals to other organizations who may offer support groups or information, or referrals to other resources and multimedia sources. Support group information and connections to national agencies is also provided.


Health Connect does not seek to duplicate services currently being provided in the area, but rather act as a clearinghouse for individuals, families, and communities seeking ONE source for all relevant health and safety information.  Health Connect has unique collections, from infancy to old age.

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