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Will Bushee

Position: President
Company: Blue Monkey Development
Website:|BlueMonkey Dev


I'm Will Bushee, BrightPlanet's Vice President of Development; as VP of Development, I manage our team of senior developers and oversee all the technology and innovation that goes into BrightPlanet's harvesting engine.

I've been with BrightPlanet since it originally started in 2001, where I served as the lead engineer and oversaw the inception of our harvest platform.  I've been able to work with many open source and private technology companies that are doing some really great things with data.

At BrightPlanet, I'm the go to guy for software engineering, managing teams and understanding the roles of how technology plays into business success.  I am an expert in Open Source Intelligence, Deep Web harvesting, Web crawling and unstructured data collection and management.

I volunteer my years of experience as a director on three boards; Health Connect of South Dakota, Computers for the Community, and a DSU Advisory Board.  As an avid technologist I help keep these organizations up to speed with the ever changing landscape.

In 2010 I founded South Dakota Geeks, the largest South Dakota technology group on LinkedIn to a community dedicated to those less-social engineers.  The group quickly grew to over 500 members that regularly attend socials geared towards geeks.

BlueMonkey Development provides my consulting, advisorship, mentorship and subject matter expertise platform where I blog, interact with early stage companies, and provide guidance.

I'm an avid technology enthusiast and a firm believer that almost any problem can be solved with a little creative thinking, proper dataset, or building the correct enrichment of Web data.  I enjoy working with young entrepreneurs, early stage startups and those struggling with the latest technology.

When I’m not in the office, you’ll find me hanging around Queen City Bakery on Thursday mornings, attending the many social events around Sioux Falls, or online interacting with my community.

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